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Tekken 7: Not a fan of this one

TEKKEN 7 is the latest fighting game. It features numerous multiplayer and solo modes, enhanced graphics and high-definition graphics. There’s a greater emphasis on online multiplayer battles, including a worldwide TEKKEN world finals competition in November of 2012. However, there is an emotionally charged (and darker) story. The victors are looking to establish a global empire and enlist fighters to join the King of Iron Fist tournament. The Story mode includes cinematic CGI effects that are interspersed with gameplay to propel the story forward. Tekken7 has more than 30 characters to choose from, including favorite fighters and new fighters in martial arts — including Akuma as a Street Fighter crossover.

Tekken 7 is one of the most popular 3D fighters currently on the market. You can choose from a variety of fighters and master a wide range styles. It works on both a technical and cosmetic level. While it doesn’t offer the same single-player experience that Injustice 2, it offers one of most satisfying and complete fighting experiences available. It’s worth the memories and the mechanics.

Although the Tekken series is well-known in arcades, many gamers remember the console ports as their most memorable feature. These versions introduced dramatic stories and more complex additions like beat-’em up and sport modes. The most rewarding goal is getting good. Tekken 7 continues to preserve many of these traditions and delivers the same tight, hard-hitting action that made the series so popular. Although the game had some server stability issues when it launched, it is otherwise a great sequel and confidently asserts its place among today’s best fighting games.

Tekken 7 is similar to other 3D Fighters such as Dead or Alive or Virtua Fighter. It focuses on using space and lateral movements during combat. This is a game of inches. Most fighters grapple, punch, kick and kick each other very close. There’s no room for error. An indecisive moment or a poor move against a better player can result in a string of brutal strikes and a quick defeat. Although Tekken 7 is a punishing game, the fighting system is not as complicated as it seems. You can easily learn how to attack and respond by using an intuitive control system that assigns one button for each limb. To improve your reflexes, and diversify your strategies, the long-term trick is to take the time to study and memorize your favorite characters’ moves.

The main complaint about Tekken 7 is its inability to explain the mechanics and how you should approach learning your chosen character. Each character’s move list often has around 100 entries. This is a mixture of combos and one-off special attacks. Except for a few icons, which represent attack properties that the game fails to fully explain, the list is disorganized and lacks any hierarchy or categories. You can only go into training mode and switch from one move to another. You can scroll through attack tips live during practice and not have to repeatedly enter menus.

All of this is not to say that Tekken 7 has too many fighting styles and its roster is too extensive. New players won’t be able to learn much beyond what they see in battle. This is disappointing considering that other fighting games have shown that giving new players a fighting chance is the best way to keep them.

If this isn’t your first King Of Iron Fist tournament, and you have been following Tekken for more than 20 years, you’ll be pleased to know that Tekken 7, which includes a large number of new characters and a few new mechanics, delivers great combat. There are new supermoves available that can be activated when a character’s health drops to dangerous levels. This is the time to unleash a rage attack, a standard combo attack with a higher power. The power crush attack attribute is the most important addition. Relevant attacks can absorb incoming strikes mid-animation. This allows you to take a chance on a critical hit and increase your chances of landing a crucial blow. It injects Tekken’s familiar fights with a new element of surprise.

Tekken 7 has more than 30 characters that can be used as fighters. Surprisingly, almost a quarter (25%) of the roster are brand-new. Akuma, the street fighter-recognized red-haired bad boy with a red hair, is the most prominent Tekken rookie. Although the introduction of hurricane kicks and fireballs may seem odd for Tekken they aren’t feeling overwhelmed by their abilities. Akuma’s projectiles can be easily beaten by the 3D movement of the game. Street Fighter fans will love how easy it is for Akuma to fight, as many of his classic moves and inputs can be used. Street Fighter’s meter-based tactics have been carried over to his Tekken debut.

Akuma plays an important role in the main story mode. Hailed as the final chapter in the series’ long-running story of martial-arts papa Heihachi Mishima and his quarrelling family, Tekken 7’s narrative will delight Tekken veterans, especially when the oft-referenced-but-never-before-seen Kazumi Mishima breaks onto the stage. The Mishima family’s reporter, the robotic and monotonous narrator is their only problem. His delivery is too casual to be taken seriously, and his deadpan cadence is not funny enough. It’s possible that you may notice some fights seem arbitrarily hard along the way. However, Story Assist gives you shortcut commands for powerful attacks which are more of an inconvenience than a barrier.

Each character is given their own chapter beyond the two- to three hour main story. This includes a brief text intro and a single fight. There is also an ending cutscene. There are many gems that can be found, even though they are not all equally good. They are intentionally awkward and lighthearted and make a great complement to Tekken’s melodrama. For example, Yoshimitsu’s alien samurai Yoshimitsu fans will appreciate the way he is initially made humane and vulnerable before being subsequently slapped in the groin.

Tekken 7 lives up the series’ tongue-in-cheek wit and gives you full access to all of the back catalogue cutscenes. These include low-res clips from the first Tekken, background movies for Japanese pachinko machines, and even the original Tekken. The collection offers a fascinating trip down the memory lane and a wealth of Tekken history.

You can buy cutscenes or cosmetic items for your characters using Fight Money, which you earn by playing various modes of the game. Tekken 7 offers a lot of basic variations of hairstyles or glasses to buy, and an equal amount of stranger outfits and accessories–including neon butterfly wings, a floating clownfish companion, and automatic rifles, to name a few. Although you don’t have to dress your fighters in outrageous outfits, it will help you appreciate how comfortable Tekken 7 feels in its own skin. Although it is a demanding and hard fighting game, it can also be incredibly funny.

You can also unlock items, so-called “treasure”, rather than purchasing them in the Treasure Battle mode. This allows you to participate in a series fights with increasing rewards as well as challenges. You can also practice your moves in an arcade or training mode, but Treasure Battle is the best way to spend your time in Tekken 7. You might want to have something to prove your practice, if you are going to go online to fight.

Tekken 7’s online modes have been experiencing some issues a few days after launch. While these are mostly limited to ranked matches only, it is not unusual to lose connections in casual matches. Bandai Namco has identified the issue and is working to fix it. However, at the moment it’s difficult to get into a match without attempting for hours. If you do manage to get in a match, please pray for a good connection. Tekken 7 will become a slide show online with less conditions.

Tekken 7 is a great game, even though ranked matches are a poor idea. The diverse roster features a variety of fighting styles and personalities. It is bolstered with a loud attitude that both begs for attention while mocking some of its odder whims. Tekken enthusiasts will discover their next favorite game, one that has been refined over a decade. While some of the game’s depth may be unavailable to newcomers, it offers enough entertainment to keep gamers from all walks of gaming fully entertained.

This enhanced brawler, while not without its technical faults, won’t disappoint either long-time fans or newcomers to fighting games. The Story mode allows you to play as many fighters as you like and learn their moves and abilities. The Offline mode includes Arcade (complete stages with a boss), Treasure Battle, Local Versus (fighting alongside someone), Practice (instead a tutorial), Customization mode (having fun with your character, changing the menu screens, and listening to all the music) and Offline mode. You can unlock new abilities and other goodies by advancing through your opponents in Treasure Battle, which is one of the best solo modes. Online Mode offers ranked matches, tournaments, as well as lobby rooms for Tekken7 players to compete against. Sometimes it takes time to find someone to play against or wait for the consoles’ to sync. Although most online battles went smoothly, there were some lags that were quite noticeable in fighting games.

Whether you are fighting against computer-controlled or human opponents (offline and online), those who are familiar with Tekken should not have any trouble learning basic combat moves (lows, mids, and highs), defensive maneuvers (blocks and counters), triggering a special attack, how to use the environment and playing with chains and combinations. Rage Arts, a temporary super attack, and similar Power Crushers moves are new to the game this year. This game has a lot of great features, despite some matchmaking and multiplayer performance issues. Tekken7 is a challenging, beautiful fighting game that propels the series forward. It is well worth the admission price for those who love the franchise.

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