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Sony Files Trademark For New PlayStation Controller

Sony’s PSVR2 was first announced a few months ago. More details and specifications were revealed at CES 2022. Although no release date was announced, it is believed that Sony intends to have the PSVR2 available by the end of 2019.

The PSVR2 has undergone a series of design improvements to improve its user experience. The PSVR2 weighs less than its predecessor and has a new vent that improves airflow. Players will be able to transmit inputs using the controllers’ finger detection technology.

Zuby_Tech, who is a Twitter user, recently discovered a patent for a controller. The patent describes a strapped controller. This means the belt will keep the controller in place while it is being played. Although it isn’t known why this strap is there, some fans have speculated.

One theory is that Sony may be developing something similar to the Valve Index Knuckles. The controller allows players to hold it while picking up objects in the game. This makes it more real. It is also interesting to note that the patent design is very different from the one we have seen.

This means that there is not much information about the purpose of the controller. This could be a prototype controller that will come with PSVR2 and the render you see earlier may not reflect the final design. We will soon learn more about PSVR2 regardless of the facts.

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