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Injustice 2: A great edition to the series

Injustice 2 is extraordinary, just like its cast of heroes. Following 2013’s Injustice 2: Gods Among Us, the fight mechanics were redesigned. It is amazing to see how many hours you can play the Multiverse mode. Even though they are starring in a bleak and dreary “what-if” storyline, the DC Universe’s heroes and villains look great here. Injustice 2 is just like its heroes. It overcomes all adversity to soar, with more single-player content that I have ever seen in a fighting title at launch, and a unrivalled combo system that is an absolute joy once you master it.

Injustice 2 is a balance between retaining Gods Among Us’ strengths and making smart improvements to the mechanics. It also features new environmental attacks that allow you to smash enemies with cars and giant stuffed alligators, flashy transitions between battle locations and an arsenal of super moves. These include traveling through time to knock your opponent off the dinosaur hide, or using the Batmobile to mow down your enemies. One of my favorite features is the ability to spend meters to gain invulnerable mobility to escape projectile-happy opponents. It also allows you to sharpen the action by increasing the speed. A faster walking speed makes matches feel more agile and quick, a refreshing change from the sometimes slow pace of Gods Among Us. Fighting ranged specialists like Deadshot and Green Arrow is now easier than ever, despite the seemingly endless barrages of enemies. The new cast members can fill many niches such as Dr. Fate and Deadshot with their strong zone control, Black Canary with her quick and technical offense or Atrocitus’s methodical, hard-hitting style.

Combination options for Injustice 2

Injustice 2’s combination options are one of the best mechanical features. It’s great for someone like me, who loves to spend time beating up the training dummy. For juggle combinations, you can bounce your opponents off the ground or walls and send them high into the air. Spending meters can alter the characteristics of a special move or open up new uses to combos. Joker’s “BANG!” usually sees him grab a revolver and fire at his target. Joker can juggle his victim by using Meter Burn to launch his foe into the air with the revolver bullet. There are many ways that each character can extend combos. You can also add environmental attacks or positioning on the stage to make them more unique.

For those who love fighting games, but don’t like competing against others, or for those who do enjoy mixing it up with other people but still want to chase the next milestone or piece in their collection, there is a lot of content available. Injustice 2 could have more content than any other fighting game. The story campaign is the only thing that’s not excellent.

The Dark Story of Injustice 2

Injustice: Gods Among Us’ dark portrayal of DC’s heroes was not my favorite. It’s a “what if?” story about Superman getting into trouble after a devastating loss. Even though Injustice 2’s animations for characters in cut scenes and in game are excellent and border on photo realism, there’s little I like about the way they’re presented. Even the most beloved symbols of hope and light advocate the killing of their enemies. They argue that they have not dealt with their evil counterparts in the past, which is why the current events are so terrible. Batman may seem to be the only voice of reason, until you consider that he is chastising Superman’s actions and Wonder Woman’s while allies himself with Harley Quinn.

Injustice 2 attempts to break up the dull proceedings with the amusing Green Arrow, and always likable Flash. The latter is the symbol of the struggle between Batman/Superman and the things they stand for. It also features the Joker, which will go down in history for being one of the most misguided and tonedeaf takes on the Clown Prince Of Crime. The charm and black humor of the mad, wisecracking clown, with his infectious laugh and extravagant wardrobe, are gone. Instead, a Hot Topic psychopath is waving a knife and making generic threats. Injustice 2 is a misinterpretation of gravity like the DC films. It stands out against the bright colors, humor, and whimsy that are increasingly popular in media rival Marvel Comics as well as games such Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.

Too many characters to learn from in the story

You can take control of almost every character as you explore the conflict between Batman & Superman, and the larger threat that lies behind it. This gives you an epic feeling and allows you to see the world through the eyes of all the central players in the story. However, Injustice makes it so that you have to quickly learn 28 characters. It can be difficult to transition from hero and hero, especially when you suddenly find yourself playing against an AI who is quite proficient. Injustice does not have universal combos, or combination mechanics. This means that even a two- or three-hit combo to Green Lantern might not work for Batman. Each hero has its own unique attacks and inputs. Some heroes have complex inputs or cancels that aren’t immediately obvious, such as Robin and Bane. This storytelling style allows you to see the vastness of DC Universe events simultaneously from under the ocean, on Krypton or deep under Gotham. However, it can affect the pace of the story, making it frustrating and uneven relative with BlazBlue or Street Fighter, which allow you to explore the universe around characters through their individual stories.

Enter the Multiverse

I loved the Multiverse even though it wasn’t my favorite DC story. Multiverse mode allows you to level up fighters and earn and equip gear. You can then use these power gains to face increasing challenges that change daily. Rare and common gear pieces can be used to augment one of the following four stats: strength, defense or health, or any other ability. Rarer and more legendary pieces can change the size and color of projectiles, or allow your hero to start matches with a stock of meters. This gives you the ability to customize your play style and give you strategic insight into choosing which gear pieces to pair with your character. Injustice 2 equalizes the base statistics for all characters when they play online. However, you have the option to either fight your friends using the full power of your gear or ignore the bonuses to level the playing fields. The cosmetic changes are still there.

It was a pleasant surprise to discover that rarer equipment could alter the appearances of my characters, giving me the ability to create a unique look for each fighter. You can make minor changes like changing the style of the breastplate or adding glowing eyes to Batman’s cowl or Scarecrow’s hood. Or, you can change the logo across Superman’s chest. There are many options available for dressing up for success, including arm, leggings and chest plates, as well as new weapons and helmet options.

Injustice 2 allows you to earn loot crates and try your luck at rare equipment. This is done by completing objectives such as Multiverse missions scoring well, character-specific tutorials completion, and Story mode chapters. It gives you more reasons to visit the Multiverse every day.

Warning: Multiverse mode, Story mode for five to ten hours (depending on skill) and the unique offensive trees that each character has can make it intimidating for new players. Once they understand what they are getting into, they might find it overwhelming. These tutorials are not meant to cover the entire juggernaut below, even though there are character-specific and general tutorials. Injustice 2 doesn’t do enough to help beginners navigate the vast gap between the basic information and the more complex 20-hit, 600 damage combos. Injustice 2’s character tutorials are much simpler than Street Fighter V’s Mission mode, which teaches you simple combinations of increasing difficulty. For those who feel confident in performing complex inputs and training muscle memory, you can jump in and have fun. However, if you are new to fighting games, you will need to practice.

Online multiplayer performed flawlessly on live servers. There was no frame delay, no freezing, and no lag stutters during our testing. The network connection strength between players can be rated at anywhere from one to four bars. I was able find playable matches even at two bars. As more people took part in the fight online, there was no stress on multiplayer servers. I was still able find ranked opponents to pummel. Online play is not as smooth as playing with a friend, but Injustice 2 offers delay simulation. This allows you to simulate the slight input delay that you might experience while playing online. It will help you improve your combo execution and allow you to adapt to this specific timing.

The Final Verdict

Injustice 2 fights are better than Gods Among Us in almost every way. This includes addressing fan concerns regarding movement speed and offering new ways to use meter. The DC roll call shines visually, even though they are starring in a dull and unnecessarily sad story. It is a great place to spend hours without having to challenge another person, thanks to the unrivaled single-player content, including the highlight Multiverse mode.

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